Our portfolio

Here are some samples of pieces we have sold in the recent past. Commissioned pieces might be available, but most likely, you can find great artwork in our booth at art festivals.


Confine is a 6ft wide, 2.5ft tall 4in deep piece of contemporary abstract art in wood, glass, acrylic and oil paints.

With Confine, we are looking for unity. Do you see all the textures and sizes so different? Yet they can stay together and create meaning. That’s what we hope for the world.

Espace / Space

See how we play with the shapes and textures? The slight changes in color from a dark to a different dark? And the contrasts?

This piece of artwork has it all: depth, variety, clean lines and textures, the brightness and coolness of aluminium, the roughness of plaster and a free flowing shape. A perfect addition to a contemporary or modern wall.

I created this piece in 2021.

Espace. Approximately 4ft high and 2.5ft wide.

Glass Cocoon

Don’t you like the flow, movement and contrast of this piece? The blue/turquoise shade in this glass seems to change during the day as the light around it changes. The patterns on the aluminium also seem to move along with you as you walk by. This is a simple, clean-designed, ever-adapting piece of artwork.

Glass Cocoon. 48x12in glass, aluminium and PVC mixed media abstract sculpture

Contemplate the Seascape

Seascape. Metal, wood, plaster, paint, glass and resin

Can you feel the temperature and the movement of the water in this abstract mixed-media painting? This wood “canvas” is rich in texture and presents a variety of blue and green hues, alongside the silvery metal and the shine of broken glass.

It just goes great with any wall in your space. Do you have a special size in mind? Let me know.

The Simplicity of Water

Antarctica. Metal, wood, plaster, paint, glass and resin

This square expressive piece really rounds up simplicity, yet freedom, movement…

Double vase

Flowers on four creeks

Libertè / Freedom

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